Element i+ With Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor

The most advanced Immunodiagnostic Analyzer
Combine proprietary technology with a sleek, compact platform to bring you fast, accurate results with an expanding test menu.


Incorporate patented technologies with an elegant, compact platform to deliver rapid, accurate results with a growing test menu. 

The Element i+ Immunodiagnostic Analyzer facilitates the following diagnostic procedures: 

  • Total T4: Screen for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism and monitor patients with thyroid problems. 
  • cTSH: Diagnose and monitor canine hypothyroidism 
  • Diagnose and monitor cortisol levels in people with Cushing’s or Addison’s disease. 
  • Manage reproduction and childbirth, and screen for reproductive disorders, with progesterone. 

Heska Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor:

Heska Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor is the world’s first and only scientifically proven blood screen that can detect and monitor canine cancers within minutes.
It is the only affordable and reliable screening available for healthy canines that are 7 years old or above, while some breeds may require earlier screening. The Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen helps with early detection, disease monitoring, better treatment, and positive outcomes with the aid of a small blood sample.

Clinical Confidence in Heska Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor
Published studies show that circulating nucleosomes are important, highly accurate epigenetic biomarkers for canine cancer detection.
• 77% of Canine Lymphosarcoma Found – detection of all 5 stages
• 82% of Canine Hemangiosarcoma Found – detection of all 3 stages
• Multi-cancer study results: 7 common canine cancers detected, including Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma, Histiocytic Sarcoma, Melanoma, and others

Calibration: Please download files if you no longer have the Lot-Specific USB drive containing calibration files here.

Leading-Edge Technology:

Fluorescence immunoassay gives reliable, quantitative results.
Fluorescence waveguide immunoassay technology with laser evanescent illumination provides superior precision.
Convenience Features: 

  • Completely independent microfluidic cartridge 
  • Simplified interface and operation with a compact footprint on the bench 
  • Small 100 uL serum or lithium heparin plasma sample volume 


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