SuperRay High Definition Digital Radiographic System X-ray

SuperRay High Definition digital radiographic is a complete X-ray solution for small animal practices. SuperRay High Definition digital radiographic X-ray has a unique and intelligent solution that ensures safety and high definition images.
It has been certified by CE and radiation detection, and is equipped with a cannon that has double focus of 0.6-1.2mm, along with 11 million pixels. The graphical user interface makes it easy to operate, while the automatic image optimization feature enhances its intelligence. The professional Super D-XR software and dedicated vet algorithm make it a truly unique option for those looking for high-quality imaging solutions.

System Benefits:
Economical and Compact

  • Can be used with a standard socket ( 220V). No major alteration work is necessary.
  • Integrated high frequency generator directly in the X-ray table, no additional cables or mounts are needed

Comfortable and Convenient

  • With a floating tablet and silent brakes. Light-beam diaphragm with LED lighting/timer.
  • Touch screen monitor. Easy operation and user friendly the SuperXvue® D-XR acquisition and diagnostic software.

Fast and Safe

  • The X-ray image is already available for viewing and diagnostic evaluation after taking the shot ( 6 – 8 seconds )
  • Remote control shot is available, the staff can leave the controlled area during the shot.

Efficient and Excellent

  • Intuitive SuperXvue ® D-XR acquisition software including free special measuring functions. All necessary adjustments of the X-ray parameters automatically communicated to the generator. No more special setting work is necessary.
  • The high-quality X-ray detector based on a caesium iodide ( CsI ) scintillator offers top image quality even at low X-ray doses.

System components:

  • Stationary Stand and X-ray Table
  • Four-way floating tabletop with silent brakes
  • Large table top ( 55″ × 27.6″) with scratch resistant, dose optimized material
  • Table height 32″-39″ X-ray stand with fixed SID=39.37″
  • Stand with stable and durable design of all components

HF X-ray generator

  • SuperGen ( 32kW) high frequency output power
  • 40kV-150kV kV Range
  • 10mA-400mA mA Range
  • Cannon rotating anode X-ray tubes with double focus 0.6mm/1.2mm


  • Rotatable collimator ( manual (INNOVA C20) ) with LED light and timer
  • illumination > 200 lux, long focal distance with low dose design

Stationary X-Ray Plate 17.0″*17.0″

  • Csl direct-deposition technology for superior image quality
  • Excellent image quality even on low dosage (high DOE), 127um pixel size, extraordinary dynamic range (16bit), ultra-low noise
  • Easy to install with low X-ray doses, thermal-efficient design and one-cable connection

Image Management software SuperXvue® D-XR

  • User-friendly and intuitive modem graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Multimedia X-ray positioning guide as weil as special filters for optimal bone and soft tissue imaging
  • Free special measuring functions for veterinary medicine
  • Customized requirements are available

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