Headlight+2.5X Magnifier

It adopt 5W LED as the light source, with high brightness and CRI,long life span.
Light distribution uniform, light spot clear and bright.
Wireles,two batteries,easy and quickly to replace, work is guaranteed.
There is a joint under the head,could attach loupe,more suitable for difficult operation.
Two betteries,light spot size and brightness adjustable.
The pupil distance is synchronously adjusted,the joint can be adjusted up and down to get accurate observation position quickly.

1.Voltage:AC 90-240V 50-60Hz
2.Blub Power:LED 5W
3.Color temperature:4000~5000K
4.Bulb life:≥50000h
6.DC charging time:≤5h
7.Power supply time:4h+4h
8.Load weight on head:330g
9.Net weight:480g
10.Package size:230*230*140mm/XXX
11.Package material:bandbox/case
2.Work distance:340mm、420mm、500mm
3.View field:φ70mm~φ120mm
4.Pupil distance:54mm~70mm
5.Depth of field: standard work distance±50mm

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