GU-P 209

Multi Function Medical Dental Devices Dental Unit
A stunning combination of treatment instruments and suction devices all in a single cart! Equip with a powerful compressor, lightweight for easy maneuvering, making it to simply move the smart cart from one to the next. This mobile cart does not require any installation and can be straight away used to treat your patient.

Voltage/HZ: 110-240V, 50/60HZ
Power: 600W
Airflow: 118L/min
Pressure: 0-6bar
Noise: 42dB
Net Weight: 35kg
Size: 440 * 350 * 720mm
Model: GU-P209

Standard Accessories:
Mobile dental unit with instrument tray
Silent oil-free dental air compressor
Saliva ejector
3-way Syringe
High and low-speed handpiece tubings
LED curing Light
Ultrasonic scaler
Clean water bottle system
Drainage Water bottle system
Stainless steel air tank

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