Element DC

Veterinary Dry Chemistry Analyzer
The Element DC is a compact analyzer for measuring parameters of clinical chemistry.

The pre-configured cartridges can combine as many as seventeen parameters.
The Element DC calculates measurement findings in 7 to 10 minutes with a sample volume of only 70 l. Even in emergency situations, the easy menu navigation aids daily use. Element DC facilitates precise and rapid in-house diagnostics for your practice

Easy Handling
With a touch-screen display, the user interface is easy and straightforward. Follow simply three steps to measure on the 4.3-inch display.

Internal Data Storage
Internal data storage of the Element DC may hold up to 5,000 test results.

Data Transmission on all Channels
The Element DC communicates the measurement findings on all channels, whether analog or digital. The inbuilt printer produces black and white output. The bidirectional connection optimizes the transmission of data to your practice management software.

Fast Measurement Results
With preconfigured test cartridges, the Element DC can detect up to 16 parameters in about 7 to 10 minutes.

Small Sample Volume
A sample volume of 70 μl is adequate for a comprehensive analysis. The Element DC simply only one drop of serum or plasma to ascertain the measurement findings.

The integrated touch – screen enables the operation to be more intuitive and easier than before!

6 different indication-specific profiles

A total of 23 parameters available

Connection to existing software
The measurement results can be transferred directly to all common software programs used in your practice. Additionally, it can link to the scil vIP software.

Optimized for all needs
Minimum sample volume and fast analysis time.
Compact design and minimal space requirements.
Measurements on stationary or mobile phone or tablet.


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