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Run PT and aPTT in the treatment room, cage side, or in the operating room.
Using a fresh blood sample or citrated whole blood (BTT), our combined PT/aPTT test strips will give results in minutes.

With our new lightweight and portable handheld analyzer, we’re bringing freedom and flexibility to coagulation testing.
Perform the PT and aPTT in the treatment area, cage side, or operation room. Our combination PT/aPTT test strips provide results in just minutes using either a fresh blood sample or citrated whole blood (BTT). The Element COAG+TM provide accurate and swift results for canine and feline PT and aPTT when preparing for routine procedures or when time-sensitive information is required.
The combination test evaluates both the prothrombin time and the activated partial thromboplastin time from a single sample. Before a procedure, patients should be screened for clotting abnormalities to prevent bleeding risks. Provide responses when time is of the essence.

  • Test Combining PT and aPTT
  • Time prothrombin and activated partial thromboplastin with a single sample.
  • For use on the same strip with fresh or citrated whole blood samples.
  • Approved for use in dogs and cats
  • Reliable outcomes in minutes.

Leading-Edge Technology
The Element COAG+TM Veterinary Analyzer utilizes parameter-specific, single-use test cartridges containing test-specific reagent that has been pre-measured. After reactions have occurred in the micro-channels of the test cartridge, light absorbance is measured via the optical detection window. Results are automatically calculated, stored in the analyzer’s database, and displayed on the intuitive touch screen.

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